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Ridge Cap

The ridge cap is used to seal the point at which two upward slopes meet. This can be both along the ridge of the roof as well as a covering for a hip. Either wood grip or self-drilling cap TEK screws can be used, and are applied through the ribs of the metal. 

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Since debris, insects, and blowing rain can find easy access under the ridge cap, closures are required to either completely or partially seal the opening. Closures under ridge caps come in 3 types: solid, vented, and hip tape.  Solid closures (“outside closures”) are the same width as the panels. They lock together in a row placed directly under the screws that attach the ridge cap, and form a solid, water-tight, air-tight barrier.

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Vented closures are the same length as the panels, and forms a water retardant, insect resistant barrier that allows hot air to escape from the attic, and is better than many of the other more elaborate and expensive venting systems.