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AllSteel Policies

Sales tax: All orders picked up at Allsteel are subject to state sales tax. Tax exemptions should be verified prior to delivery or customer pickup.

Warrantied products: There is a 40 year warranty on most material manufactured from painted coil stock, and a 25-year warranty on Galvalume material. Ask for details.

Indemnity: All prices and designs are subject to change without notice. Disclaimer: While we have made every attempt at accuracy in this manual, we are not responsible for typographic, printing, or technical errors.

Oil-Canning: A wave-like appearance in the length of the panel is a common and often unavoidable phenomenon in metal panels, like Tuff-Rib roofing, that have large, flat areas within the panel. It is therefore not a defect, nor a cause for replacement.

Return policy: All panel and trim orders are considered the property of the customer and are non-refundable once they are manufactured.