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Why choose metal over shingles or other product?  Metal Sheeting is an affordable, long-lasting solution.  

  • Installing a metal roof can decrease energy bills due to its exceptional insulation.  AllSteel metal is Energy Star rated, and if installed properly, can decrease utility bills 10-15%. Insurance companies notice this as well, and often offer discounts (up to 35%) when ENERGY STAR products are used.  
  • Metal is environmentally friendly.  ENERGY STAR metal decreases greenhouse emmissions.

  • Metal is longer lasting.  Metal can be used for about 50 years, while other materials only last 10 to 20 years. 

  • Metal roofs can withstand extreme weather conditions.  With wind and hail, shingles often must be replaced.  Metal also lasts longer and fades less in the sun.

  • Metal is low maintenance.  No more patching the roof or replacing the siding as it rots or gets holes.

Make the easy choice for your next roofing, siding or trim project, METAL from Allsteel, Inc.