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Allsteel is ENERGY STAR Rated. These are not easy certifications to obtain and we take pride in our product that meets these very high standards in our industry.


ENERGY STAR is the most trusted symbol for energy efficiency for products and practices.  ENERGY STARis government backed, which adds even more credibilty.  The label and rating was created to allow consumers an identifier when purchasing energy-efficient products.  

Qualified roof products gain this rating because they reflect more of the sun's harmful rays. As a result, roof surface temperature can be lowered by up to 50F, decreasing the heat into a building and reducing the need for as much air conditioning, often by 10-15 percent.

Criteria for Roof Products to meet the ENERGY STAR Rating Standards:  

  • Roofs with a Low Slop, a surface slope of 2:12 inches or less, must have an initial solar reflectance of >= 0.65. After 3 years, the solar reflectance must be >= 0.50.  (ASTM Standard E 1918-97).

  • Roofs with a Steep Slope, a surface with a slope greater than 2:12 inches, must have an initial solar reflectance of >= 0.25. The solar reflectance must be >= 0.15 after 3 years.

Products earn the ENERGY STAR label by meeting the requirements set forth in ENERGY STAR product specifications. These requirements do change and the products must be reevaluated on a periodical basis.