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Standard Ash Gray
Standard Black
Standard Boysenberry
Standard Burnished Slate
Standard Charcoal
Standard Clay
Standard Cocoa Brown
Standard Copper Metallic
Standard Crimson Red
Standard Gallery Blue
Standard Hawaiian Blue
Standard Hunter Green
Standard Ivy Green
Standard Light Stone
Standard Polar White
Standard Rustic Red
Standard Tan
Standard Ash Gray Roof
Standard Black Roof
Standard Boysenberry Roof
Standard Burnished Slate Roof
Standard Charcoal Roof
Standard Clay Roof
Standard Cocoa Brown Roof
Standard Copper Metallic
Standard Crimson Red Roof
Standard Hawaiian Blue Roof
Standard Hunter Green Roof
Standard Ivy Green Roof
Standard Light Stone Roof
Standard Polar White Roof
Standard Rustic Red Roof
Standard Tan Roof


Crinkle Standard Ash Gray
Crinkle Standard Black
Crinkle Standard Burnished Slate
Crinkle Standard Charcoal
Crinkle Standard Clay
Crinkle Standard Cocoa Brown
Crinkle Standard Evergreen
Crinkle Standard Rural Red
Crinkle Premium Rust
Crinkle Standard Ash Gray Roof
Crinkle Standard Black Roof
Crinkle Standard Burnished Slate Roof
Crinkle Standard Charcoal Roof
Crinkle Standard Clay Roof
Crinkle Standard Cocoa Brown Roof
Crinkle Standard Evergreen Roof
Crinkle Standard Rural Red Roof
Crinkle Premium Rust Roof
Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color limitations. For best results please request a metal color sample from Allsteel Inc. Allsteel, Inc. reserves the right to discontinue products at any time or change specifications and/or designs without incurring obligation. To ensure you have the latest information available, please inquire or visit our website at Application details are for illustration purposes only and may not be appropriate for all environmental conditions, building designs or panel profiles. Projects should be designed to conform to applicable building codes, regulations and accepted industry practices.